September 19, 2019 

Fall Social- Arcade Game Challenge

October 22, 2019-

Data Breach Prevention, Harris Bio-Medical
     Possible annual HIPPA meeting for office, raffle for office evaluation

November 19, 2019

Simplifying the surgical extraction: Practical techniques, tips, and instrumentation, 
            Phil Mann. DMD

January 2​8, 2020

Wealth Creation-  Joe and Ted Furgeson   

Feb. 2​5, 2020

ODA Ambassador Program

March 1​7, 2020

Dental Team Ergonomics-  Sarah Stuhr

April 28, 2020

Functional Approach To Medicine and Dentistry- Casey Means, MD

May 2​6, 2020

Election of Officers-        Perio- Tran/Nguyen 

October 27, 2020

Risk Management 

Meeting Location- Providence Willamette Falls Community Center, Oregon City. 519 15th St., Oregon City, OR 97045

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